Are you tired of looking for your desired games in apps stores?

Do you feel like creating your own games that will get million hits?

Do you often browse for a games/application that will be both entertaining and handy at the same time?

What if your gaming experience turns out to be "gaming and earning" or "gaming and learning"?

Well...the heavenly platform you are looking for in this whole universe is only available in our 143play.com


143play.com is such an engine where you can create and play game/apps at the same time. Not only that, but also you can use your games/apps to serve the other positive and noble causes.

Our one of the main objectives is to establish the mechanisms named "Game-as-a-Service" & "Gamification" to encourage people to play games for some beneficial reasons. Besides, the advertisers and game developers can utilize this platform at its best to promote their innovative ideas and products among the mass people. It is the place to create a new sensation for their new discovery in business or to flourish the existing wings.

How it works

Gamification has become an essential part of any digital business strategy as a way of digitally motivating people and overcoming barriers of scale, time, distance, connectedness and cost. Especially in digital business, leaders from the largest multinational organizations as well as fast-growing startups are using gamification to add value to the product offer, to increase employee engagement and to drive crowd-sourced innovation.

In our platform (143play.com), if you are an advertiser or game developer, you can create games to promote your innovations or existing products and at the same time, you can keep track of your potential customers. As a result, you are advertising and doing market survey simultaneously and it will definitely boost your business intelligence and strategy. However, if you are from the non-business group then you can play/create games in our platform for entertainment, to support a noble cause and to serve your daily purposes, like academic purpose.


Building a relationship of trust and reliability is a major principle of our organization so that you can feel our care and effort to fulfill your needs and demands. A group of experts from academia and ICT sector is continuously giving their best effort to make your gaming experience easier, smoother and electrifying. In addition to that, a dedicated creative team is working heart and soul to give your ideas a very lucrative and graphically sound look so that it attracts your target audiences. Concisely, we value your needs and ideas and therefore, we give our best to give them a shape using virtual and creative media especially games.

  1. Commitment
  2. Professionalism
  3. Return of Investment (RoI)
  4. Customer Care

These four words describe best our philosophy and working nature. We do believe in this CPRC strategy to gain a win-win situation for those ends.